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This is everything you need for your Freerun presentation
Freerunning blog

This is everything you need for your Freerun presentation

Do you have to give a speech at school soon and you don't know a good topic? Then choose something you want to know more about and that makes you enthusiastic. Our tip: Freerunning. In this blog we tell you everything about Freerunning so that you are fully prepared for your Freerun speech!

What is Freerunning? 

Jump from one wall to another, do flips and overcome obstacles. These elements are all part of the sport Freerunning. Freerunning is an Urban sport that is mainly practiced on the street. Freerunners use the street furniture to get from a to b as quickly or gracefully as possible. In freerunning, your own body is the instrument you use to get started. You continuously push your limits and learn to control your body so that you can make increasingly difficult movements. 

The sport is very accessible. The sport is accessible to everyone, children, young people and even adults. There are virtually no rules, you are free to do what you want. You can put all your creativity into it. 

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History of Freerunning 

Freerunning descends from the sport; Parkour. This is all about moving from a to b as quickly as possible, so there are no somersaults involved. Parkour originated from an escape technique from the Vietnam War. It was a method used by the French naval officer Georges Hébert to train his recruits to be prepared for any situation. One of Hébert's recruits was the French gymnast Raymond Belle. His son, David Belle, took over his father's interest. At the age of fifteen he conquered many obstacles in the vicinity of Lisses. He was later followed by people like Sébastien Foucan. The sport was further shaped by the new movements, such as somersaults that were added to the sport. This is how the sport of free running was created in 2003. 

Safety while Freerunning 

This all looks very spectacular. However, safety always comes first in the sport. Before you master these skills, a lot of preparation and training is required. The sport is all about body control. By practicing new moves step by step, we limit most of the risks. The most important quality of a freerunner is to be able to estimate what you can do yourself. Recklessness is not part of the sport.

Where can you freerun well?

What makes Freerunning so much fun is that you can practice the sport almost anywhere. So you don't have to go to an athletics track or swimming pool, as soon as you walk onto the street you can start. Freerunners take advantage of the obstacles you encounter in the city. A single bench, curb, lawn is enough to entertain you for an entire afternoon. As long as you use your creativity!

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Freerun equipment

Unlike many other sports, Freerunning does not require any sports equipment. All you need is your own body. All you need is clothes and shoes to Freerun in. There are no specific dress codes within Freerunning. It is nice to wear sporty clothing in which you can move well. The same applies to shoes. Sports shoes are recommended, preferably with a little cushioning and a lot of grip.

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Freerun classes

As a starting freerunner you could take freerun lessons. That is possible with the freerun lessons of Minded Motion. Minded Motion teaches more than 2000 children and young people every week. Lessons are given in Limburg and Brabant. View all locations here. During the lessons you will get to know the sport Freerunning in a fun and safe way. Classes are taught by professional freerunners. The Minded Motion trainers know how to teach you new tricks in a professional way. This way you will become a freerun expert in no time!

Now you are ready for your Freerun speech. Good luck!

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