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This is what you should pay attention to while freerunning!
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This is what you should pay attention to while freerunning!

As you may have already experienced, Freerunning is a very cool sport. But just like with any sport, there are a number of things you have to pay attention to to keep everything running smoothly. Here are six things to keep in mind while Freerunning!

Be careful at all times

The most important thing in any sport is, of course, that you are careful. safety first! Freerunning is sometimes seen as a dangerous sport by outsiders. TV shows the most spectacular images of freerunners jumping over roofs, for example. This gives a distorted picture because in general the sport is mainly practiced on the ground. Only athletes who have been training for years and who have their bodies perfectly under control sometimes do this. So don't just do this. It is important that you build up all jumps and tricks properly. Start easy and if you succeed you can try something more difficult. Only do the things you think you can do. If you are reckless while freerunning, accidents can happen. So be careful.

Warm up & cool down

Before you start jumping, it is important that you warm up your muscles well. We call this the warm-up. Skipping the warm up increases the risk of injury. So take some time for this. You can do a warm up by stretching and stretching or, for example, by running a bit and loosening up all your muscles. Did you do this? Then you are ready for the real work!

Assess your own skills well

Freerunning is all about body control. The aim of the sport is therefore to get your body under control so that you can land a somersault or a big jump perfectly. This is a challenge, but the longer you train, the better you can assess your own skills. When you want to try a new trick or a new jump, it is therefore important that you know what you can and cannot do, so that you can determine whether you will actually do it. Don't try jumps or tricks that you're not sure you can do. During our lessons, for example, we often ask the questions: can I do it? Do I want it? Do I dare? If you answer 'yes' to all three questions, you can go for it. If you answer a question with 'no', it might be better to wait a while. When you are in a safer environment, for example a gym with mats, it is easier to try out new tricks.

Using good technique while freerunning

Another important aspect of freerunning is using the right technique. Freerunners strive to perform all jumps and tricks as neatly as possible. To do this you need the right technique. So it's not just about strength, but body control is also very important. In addition, using the wrong technique can be harmful to your body in the long term. This can cause damage to your joints. But how can you learn the right technique? The Minded Motion teachers can help you with this during the lessons!

Pay attention while freerunning

During an event or as freerunners call a 'jam', sometimes many people are training in the same place at the same time. And because every freerunner decides for himself which route he takes on the course, you have to pay close attention to who goes where. To avoid collisions, it is important that you always pay attention to whether your route is clear. Communicate with your fellow freerunners where you want to go and who goes first. Besides being dangerous, it can also be annoying when someone walks or pushes in front of you. So be careful!

Be respectful to the environment

Last but not least, as a freerunner you have to be careful with your environment. Freerunning is a sport that originally took place mainly on the street. Freerunners train in places where there are many walls, the so-called 'spots'. Once you've learned the basics of freerunning in a gym, you're ready to try your skills outside. When you do this, be respectful of the environment in which you train. Make sure you don't destroy anything, only train on public land and tidy up your own waste. If you do not do this, you can cause nuisance and be sent away. You are ruining it for yourself and for others. So take into account the environment and passers-by. Treat everyone with respect.

And now, start freerunning!

After reading these 6 tips you will be fully aware of everything you need to take into account while freerunning. You are now all set to freerun. Have fun jumping!

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