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Freerunning lessons

Weekly lessons

Weekly freerunlessons

Freerun every week in a controlled and secure surrounding at your neighborhood.

Yearly camp


We give workshops for various organizations. A nice way to get to know freerunning.

Minded Motion Games

Children's party

An unforgettable and sporty freerunning party together with your friends!

The biggest freerun school in the Netherlands!

Minded Motion sees the world as a big playground. We want to share this playground. Minded Motion is the largest freerunning organization in Limburg and Brabant. We provide various activities, including lessons, workshops, children's parties, events, camp, and competitions. In addition to offering these activities, Minded Motion has its own webshop with clothing line.

Feerunning is moving from A to B, where obstacles are defended in all kinds of ways. Along the way there is room for creative looking tricks, flips and movements. The main thing with freerunning is to get your whole body and mind under control.

Minded Motion offers safe and challenging lessons in parkour and freerunning to more than 1200 students. These lessons are given by professional and trained freerunners! The Minded Motion trainers are committed every day and are aware of all the ins and outs of the sport.

We give freerunning lessons to children from the age of 7. To provide a challenging lesson for everyone, the lessons are split into age and level. In general, the lessons are from 7 to 12 years old, 12 years and older and 25+. The lessons are not only for boys, but also for girls! With a freerunning lesson it is part that you move freely through the environment and work on your own creativity. In the lessons this is done with the right balance in structure and freedom.

Want to get an impression of our school and activities? Then watch the video above. Of course we want to get as many young people as possible to freerun and that is why we are constantly looking for new locations. Is your town or city not yet listed? Then contact us for the possibilities.

Weekly lessons
Weekly lessons

Responsible learning from experienced freerunners

Freerunning can be risky at a time when you do not know how to practice it in a safe way. The sport itself requires a lot of physical effort. Youth is often unaware of this and has difficulty in estimating risks. To us to offer this sport in a safe and correct way. Freerunning is about body control and learning to explore your own limits.