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Minded Motion Level-Up!


Are you a freerunner and would you like to be challenged to reach the next level? You can! Minded Motion launches the very first Freerunning Level-Up! platform for members and non-members. By uploading videos of your landed tricks, you can unlock tricks and pass Levels.


Follow our video lessons in our community and learn the best tricks to post!


Make a movie of your trick and post it on our platform! Our professional freerunners will unlock your trick!


For each unlock you get points. Collect as many tricks as possible and get your well-deserved Level-Up diploma per level!

Level up your skills with the community

Show how good you are! The more tricks you unlock, the higher level you get. For each level you can order a free(*) wristband!

Sign up for free!

* Wristbands are free for Minded Motion members. No member? You can also order!