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Children's party

Do you like a challenge and do you want to learn cool tricks with your friends? Then freerunning is the sport for your children's party! Freerunning is a sport where you move as smoothly and creatively as possible over and against obstacles. With freerunning it is the art to get your whole body and mind under control. The children's party is offered in a challenging environment in a safe climate.

More information?

Freerunning on your event? We have multiple possibilities!

Yearly camp

Responsible learning

Learn freerunning in a responsible and didactic way, where pleasure, challenge and sportsmanship are central!

Minded Motion Games

Secure surrounding

The lessons will always take place in a gym or our freerunning setup. This way we stand for a safe environment.

Discover your limits!

Are you celebrating your birthday and do you want an unforgettable and sporting day together with your friends? During the children's party you practice tricks and flips in an organized, safe environment and you receive guidance from our experienced and graduated freerunning teachers. Of course we also let you experience what it is like to freerun at a high level. The trainers will let you and your friends make flips with guidance.  

Locations (only possible at the location below):
Saturday 13:30-15:00 in gym Hoogvonderen (Smedenerf 4) in Roermond.
Saturday 13:30-15:00 in gym Schoolstraat (Schoolstraat 2) in Asten.

Package A:
 1,5 hour of freerunning guided by one trainer.
Costs Package A: 150 euro

Package B: 1,5 hour of freerunning guided by one trainer. Birthday boy/girl will recieve a Minded Motion shirt.
Costs package B: 170 euro

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