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The best party for kids

Freerunning children's party! 🥳

Is it your birthday and have you always wanted to learn to freerun? 🎉 At Minded Motion you will find the best freerunning children's parties! Take on the challenge with your friends and become a real freerunner. Learn to push your limits with cool tricks such as big jumps, maneuvering over obstacles and of course crazy flips! View our freerunning children's parties. 🥳


  • Professional trainers
  • Challenges on everyone own level
  • All-in-price

What is free running for kids?

Freerunning is a sport in which you move over obstacles as challenging and creatively as possible. You look for your own limits and push them step by step in a safe way. During a freerunning children's party you and other children move freely in the space. Together with the right balance in structure and freedom, you learn new tricks every time, such as fat jumps and flips.

What is included in the party?

We have 3 packages for freerunning children's parties. With all packages, children can enjoy a cool, sporty children's party. Each package also has some extras. These are explained further at the bottom of the page. All packages are suitable for children of all ages.

Where are the children's parties held?

A freerunning children's party from Minded Motion is organized in our own gym in Panningen. The room is fully equipped with freerunning obstacles and airtrack to provide the coolest lessons, workshops and freerunning children's parties! Have you become very enthusiastic now, but unfortunately Panningen is not around the corner for you? We are convinced that we can throw the best children's parties in our Mini Gym, but we like to think along with you to make your children's party as cool and practical as possible. Send us an email to and we will look for a suitable place near you.

Curious what a freerunning children's party looks like?

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Freerunning children's party A

  • Freerunning for 1 hour under the guidance of a real freerunning trainer.
  • Unlock new tricks!
  • Up to 10 participants

Freerunning children's party B

  • Free running for 1.5 hours under the guidance of a real free running trainer.
  • Unlock new tricks!
  • Minded Motion T-shirt for the birthday boy
  • Freerun Diploma for all kids
  • Coffee & tea for parents
  • Unlimited orange juice
  • Up to 10 participants

Freerunning children's party C

  • 1,5 uur lang freerunnen onder begeleiding van twee echte freerunning trainers.
  • Unlock new tricks!
  • Minded Motion T-shirt for the birthday boy
  • Freerun Diploma for all kids
  • Coffee & tea for parents
  • Unlimited orange juice
  • Tot 12 deelnemers

Important information for the freerunning children's party

For the moms and dads it is of course good to know that everyone is welcome in the Minded Motion gym. We are ready to welcome you to our gym at Minister Calsstraat 7, 5981 VT Panningen. Did the children enjoy this cool children's party so much that they want to come again? Then we have good news: we offer free trial lessons via our website. Find here the nearest location to you.

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