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About Minded Motion

At Minded Motion, we see the world as a playground that we want to share. As the largest freerunning organization in South Netherlands, we offer a variety of activities such as lessons, workshops, children's parties, events, camps and competitions. In addition, we have our own webshop with our own clothing line. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our activities.

Freerunning - The Best Challenge!

Freerunning, also known as parkour, is an breathtaking sport where you conquer obstacles in all sorts of ways. Whether it's jumping, flips, climbing or balancing, anything is possible with freerunning! This journey allows for creatively looking tricks and movements that you've never seen before. With freerunning, it's all about getting your whole body and mind under control, and that's a challenge you don't want to miss! At Minded Motion, the trainers are dedicated to perfecting this sport and are always up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Minded Motion - From Beginning to Present!

At a young age, the founder of Minded Motion, Sven Wulms, had a passion for sports and movement. He loved pushing his limits. One day, when watching a video of freerunning on YouTube, he was immediately sold. He immediately began watching tutorial videos and started practicing on the streets. He knew right away that he wanted to share this sport with others.

In 2013, Sven decided to make his passion for freerunning a profession and started giving lessons. He taught on the streets, in parks and at gym clubs. His students were enthusiastic and he saw how the sport helped them improve and push their limits.

In 2015, Sven decided to set up his own company, naming it Minded Motion. He wanted to create a place where young people could learn freerunning in a safe and responsible way. Minded Motion quickly grew and now the team gives weekly lessons to almost 2000 freerunners at 30 different locations throughout Limburg and Brabant.

In 2017, Sven decided to expand his company with an online shop. He wanted the freerunning community not only the opportunity to learn and grow in the sport, but also to look stylish. So he began designing unique and trendy clothing pieces that were specifically designed for the freerunning community. It was a logical step in the growth of the company, as it now also provided a place where freerunners could dress like real freerunners and at the same time support the growth of the sport.

Sven is proud of the growth of Minded Motion and the fact that he can share his passion for freerunning with others. He believes that freerunning has the power to help people discover themselves and push their limits.

Locations and Trainers - The Ultimate Place to Grow!

Minded Motion offers lessons and workshops in parkour and freerunning at 30 different locations throughout Limburg and Brabant. Every week we teach about 2000 enthusiastic students freerunning lessons and we receive new members weekly. Our head trainers have first aid and are up to date with the latest techniques. At Minded Motion, we provide a safe and fun learning environment for everyone, from beginners to advanced freerunners.

Freerunning Events - The Ultimate Experience!

Besides giving weekly lessons, Minded Motion wants to mean more to freerunners. That's why we regularly organize unforgettable freerunning events where freerunners can meet each other, showcase their skills and learn new techniques. This makes the freerunning community even stronger and takes the sport to a higher level. Our events are accessible to all levels and ages from 7 years and provide a unique opportunity to learn from other freerunners and professionals in the industry. Furthermore, these events offer the chance to participate in competitions and win prizes. We are proud of our freerunning community and always want to keep our doors open for new members who participate in our events. The ultimate experience for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and push their limits.