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Freerunning workshops at Minded Motion
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A fun, sporty and challenging workshop for your event? Then freerunning is the sport for you! Freerunning is a challenging sport that is becoming increasingly popular and encourages exercise. With freerunning you move as smoothly and creatively as possible over and against obstacles and it is the art to get your whole body and mind under control.


  • Pleasure
  • Challenges on everyone own level
  • Didactic structure
  • Certified teachers
  • Experienced freerun teacher

Wat is a freerunning workshop?

Freerunning is a sport in which you move over obstacles as challenging and creatively as possible. You look for your own limits and push them step by step in a safe way. During a freerunning workshop you and the others move freely in the space. Together with the right balance in structure and freedom, you'll learn new tricks every time, such as fat jumps and flips. Our freerun teachers are equipped with a didactic background. We stand for safety during the workshops and are aware of all the ins-outs of the sport.

Wat is the main target of a Freerunning workshop?

Freerun is not just about making flips. There is an important philosophy behind it. The objective of the workshops is to allow participants to look at the world differently. They look at obstacles and see new ways to go over these obstacles. The world becomes one big playground.

Where are the freerunning workshops held?

Workshops are given at schools, children's parties, municipal activities, events and festivals. During a workshop we teach the participants the basics of freerunning, followed by letting the participants experience what it is like to make flips. We do this by means of assistance and support of fall mats.

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