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Freerunning in Nijmegen

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Do you like challenge and do you also want to learn cool tricks? Then freerunning is the sport for you! Freerunning is a sport where you move as smoothly and creatively as possible over and against obstacles. With freerunning it is the art to get your whole body and mind under control. The lessons are offered in a challenging environment in a safe environment in Nijmegen

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  • € 22 per month
  • € 19.95 registration fee
  • Certified teachers
  • 1 calendar month notice period
  • From 7 years
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Freerunning in Nijmegen

FREERUNNING NIJMEGEN - Freerunning lessons in Nijmegen
Sign up for our freerunning classes in Nijmegen and be trained to become a real freerunner! The class starts with a warm-up. You will then practice tricks and flips in an organized, safe environment and receive guidance from one of our experienced and certified freerunning teachers along with his assistant coaches. Do you also want to become very good at freerunning? Sign up using the form below so we can contact you as soon as we start the classes.

At the moment we have not yet started freerunning classes in Nijmegen. If there are enough registrations and we have a trainer available, we will determine a day and time that we will start the training sessions.

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There are no lessons in Nijmegen yet, but you can sign up for our waiting list below.