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There are currently almost no corona measures for Minded Motion's freerunning classes. Below is an overview of the measures that we ask you to take into account:

- Wash and/or disinfect your hands regularly.

- It is not yet possible to organize viewing lessons. It is currently only possible for parents of trial lessons to watch the freerunning lesson. This is because we cannot offer 1,5 meters and fixed seats for multiple parents in the gyms. As soon as it is possible, we will send an email with when the first viewing lessons can take place again.

You can contact the trainer of the lesson with complaints. If you are unable to find a solution with this trainer, you can use the complaints procedure that can be found on the website.

The first lesson of the month we have viewing lesson, everyone can come and watch the lessons. Keep in mind that you do not disturb the lesson by, for example, walking in / out when the trainer is talking, having sound on the telephone or game computer.

We make an exception for trial lessons, because we want to show parents of new free runners what we do in the lessons so that they know where they are taking their child. Trial lessons have 1 trial lesson and the parents of the participant can view a lesson.

Temporary change due to COVID:
Because of COVID-19 it not possible to view our lessons. Parents may not come inside the sport facility due to the maesures imposed by the goverment. Teachers will come outside for questions before and after every lessons for small questions.

You can make changes in the member portal or the Sportbit App. The data can be viewed under the heading 'My account'. If it does not work, it is always possible to contact us via

Minded Motion's lessons (usually) coincide with the school holidays and public holidays in the South of the Netherlands. Classes are canceled during holidays or on public holidays. This information can be found in the Sport Bit app under the heading Schedule.

The contribution to Minded Motion is an annual amount that will be collected over 12 months. Keep in mind that money is also collected during holidays. However, it is possible to cancel the subscription in the meantime with one month's notice period.
Our classes will not take place on the dates below:

Zomervakantie 2022 | 23-07-2022 t/m 04-09-2022
Pinksteren 2022 | 05-06-2022 t/m 06-06-2022
Hemelvaart 2022 | 26-05-2022
Meivakantie 2022 | 02-05-2022 t/m 08-05-2022
Koningsdag 2022 | 27-04-2022
Pasen 2022 | 17-04-2022 t/m 18-04-2022
Carnavalsvakantie 2022 | 26-02-2022 t/m 04-03-2022
Kerstvakantie 2021 | 24-12-2021 t/m 06-01-2022
Herfstvakantie 2021 | 25-10-2021 t/m 31-10-2021
Zomervakantie 2021 | 24-07-2021 t/m 05-09-2021
Pinksteren 2021 | 23-05-2021 t/m 24-05-2021
Hemelvaart 2021 | 13-05-2021

Membership is € 264 per year. This amount is collected in 12 installments of € 22. The amount is collected monthly from the specified bank account number by means of a direct debit. One-off registration fee of € 19.95 will be collected with the first debit. the subscription can be canceled prematurely with a notice period of 1 month.

Want to train more often? Check "several trainings" in the FAQ for information and costs.

Information about Minded Motion events is shared via our Facebook page, our Sportbit app, mail or/and our website. Check our page for the event currently on our schedule!

Please note that we have a strict collection policy to keep our administration in order. We make an advance payment for the lessons that take place in the relevant month. As soon as the payment cannot be made, the participants are not on the list of participants and cannot participate. However, it does not mean that the subscription will be terminated. If necessary, you can only unsubscribe in our member portal or via the Sportbit App.

It may happen that the payment is not successful for certain reasons. Please contact us and inform us about the problem before going to class again. If the payment is not done before the next collection you will recieve an email with a payment option.
Note: All not payed direct debits are dept and need to be payed. Without payment you will be ejected from the lessons. Be aware your dept wil keep growing if you do not unsubscribe.

You do not have to unsubscribe! The trainers note at the beginning of the lesson who is or is not there, after which the lesson will start. It is not possible to keep a watchful eye on participants who are not there and forget to unsubscribe. 
Experience shows that 80% do not or forget to unsubscribe. 

We cannot act on this and call the forgotten cancellations. Otherwise, it would mean that after checking the attendance list, we would have to call all forgotten cancellations and take action if they were not answered. With 1800 children every week, this is an impracticable act. There is also no supervision of the group, which means that we cannot teach and this entails risks. Keep in mind that parents or guardians are responsible for the way back and forth of the children.

The emergency number is 06 23041271.

Nice that you want to freerun more often during the week! First consult with your training and discuss which location, day and time you would like to take extra free running lessons. You can then take a trial lesson to see if you like it! Did you like it? Send an email with the following information to

First and last name:
Day, time and location of your training:
Day, time and location of your 2nd training:
(If necessary) Day, time and location of your 3rd training:

Subscription costs:
One training: 22 euro a month
Two trainings: 35 euro a month
Three trainings: 50 a month

We will get to work and ensure that your subscription is adjusted. You will receive a confirmation of this within 5 (working) days.

Minded Motion and Stichting Leergeld or Jeugdsportfonds helps!

The Sport & Culture Youth Fund pays the contribution and / or supplies for children and young people from families with too little money at home. This means that if the Youth Fund Sports & Culture allocates you the usual amount of € 225, you do not have to pay anything yourself to be able to take freerun lessons. We will take care of the rest of the contribution amount.

Note: Do not sign up for the payment for the lessons yourself if you want to use Stchting Leergeld or Jeugdsportfonds. Otherwise you will have to pay yourself untill we get the conformation from the foundation. We are not able to pay you back previously paid membership fees.

You do not have to sign up for the freerunning lessons. We automatically schedule you weekly for the class where you usually train. It may take a number of (working) days before your name becomes visible in the timetable in the SportBit App or member portal. Are you not in it? Let the trainer know and he will check where things go wrong.

Return the product in the original condition with a Return Form* and in good packaging for safe return to our office. After delivery we will process your return, send you the new product or refund your product within 14 days.
Mail the return package to: The Netherlands, Roggelseweg 2, 5988BP, Helden.

We will not refund the product if the product is used or had defects due to wrong use by the customer.

Returning a product in our lessons is free of charge. Give the product in the original condition with a Return Form* to the trainer at your location. The trainer wil deliver the returned product to the office and we will refund the product within 14 day.

Article 1 Definitions

Contractor: Minded Motion

Client: Legal representative of the child or the participant

Participant: The person who takes the freerunning lessons at Minded Motion

Lessons / training: (free running) lessons are understood to mean the training sessions that Minded Motion provides to the participants

Trainer: Person who provides freerunning lessons on behalf of and on behalf of Minded Motion

Article 2 General

2.1 The Participant is expected to appear in sportswear, this contributes to safety during the lesson.

2.2 If the Participant is younger than 18 years, the online registration form must be signed by the relevant Client.

2.2 If the Participant behaves indecently during the lessons offered by Minded Motion, the Trainer is authorized to remove the Participant from the lesson. There is no right to a refund of lessons not taken.

2.3 It is not necessary to unsubscribe once due to illness or other activities of the Participant. The Participant is not entitled to a refund of lessons not taken. The Client is fully responsible for the return journey to the lessons. Information about this can be found on FAQ at In case of excesses, it is possible to call the emergency number 06-23041271.

2.4 Classes do not take place on public holidays or holidays. Should it be otherwise, this will be stated in the lesson and the Client will be informed via email, website and / or Facebook. The annual schedule can be found via the member portal and Sportbit App.

2.5 Activities that apply to all members of Minded Motion are shared via the website and e-mail. Other information specific to a group is sent by e-mail or by letter in the training.

2.6 You can contact the trainer with complaints / comments, if the Client cannot resolve this, the Client can use the complaints procedure that can be found at

2.7 The Client is responsible for the Participant being dropped off and behaving properly in the relevant (class) location. Minded Motion has no overview of changing rooms, corridors or other areas, because the trainers are busy preparing for the lesson or giving subsequent lessons.

2.8 It is not allowed to eat and / or drink in the gym. There are plenty of drinking moments during the training. During warm days there are extra drinking moments / breaks.

2.9 Every first lesson of the month is a viewing lesson. Everyone is allowed to come and watch as long as the lesson is not disrupted.

2.10 Photos and videos can be taken during the lesson. This image material can be used for Minded Motion promotional purposes.

2.11 Minded Motion will never pass on your personal information to third parties.

2.12 It is very important that changes in the address, telephone number, e-mail address and bank account number of the participant are communicated as soon as possible via

2.13 It is not allowed to make up for lessons that have not been taken into another time or location without consulting Minded Motion.

Article 3 Payment and collection costs

3.1 One-off registration costs of € 19.95 will be collected with the first debit.

3.2 For invoicing, Minded Motion's digital registration form must be completely and truthfully completed and signed.

3.3 The amount is debited at the beginning of the relevant month by means of a direct debit. The contribution is a prepayment of the lessons.

3.4 The subscription is tacitly renewed monthly and has one calendar month notice period.

3.5 The first debit serves to confirm registration.

3.6 If you prefer to pay in cash, please contact

3.7 If the collection of the membership is not collected for 2 consecutive months, the Client must contact

3.8 If the payment of the direct debit no longer takes place, while you have not made a deregistration, the Client must contact us via

3.9 Payment is made at the responsibility of the Client. If the participant is not in the list, due to payment arrears, access to the lesson will be refused.

3.10 The contribution to Minded Motion is an annual amount that will be collected over 12 months. Keep in mind that money is also collected during holidays. However, it is possible to cancel the subscription prematurely with a calendar month notice period.

3.11 Prices in the Netherlands increase every year. This is called price inflation. This price inflation also affects our costs. Minded Motion is authorized to index the membership price on January 1 of each calendar year. If this price increase is implemented during the first three months from the "start date of the membership" stated in the agreement, the Member has the right to terminate his membership with immediate effect.

Article 4 Membership

4.2 After the second payment reminder, 15 euros will be charged for additional administration costs.

4.3 In the absence of payment after 5 weeks, the Participant will be refused in the lesson. Client continues to owe the outstanding amount.

4.4 A new registration fee is payable for each renewed registration after deregistration.

4.5 Rate adjustments due to government measures can be implemented immediately regardless of the amount and do not give the right to dissolution.

4.6 It is possible that lessons are canceled due to external factors, force majeure and / or holidays and holidays. In that case, the participant is not entitled to a refund of tuition fees. If 4 consecutive lessons are canceled, the contribution will be temporarily stopped.

4.7 You can unsubscribe digitally through the SportBit app or It is not possible to pay a cancellation verbally or by post. Even if the trainer indicates that this can be done verbally, Minded Motion must still receive a written or digital deregistration.

4.8 It may happen that lessons are lost due to external factors arising from excesses within Minded Motion. In that case, the Client is not entitled to a refund of tuition fees. If 5 consecutive lessons are canceled, the Client will be given the option to freeze the membership. Minded Motion will do everything in its power to arrange replacement activities, products or lessons.

4.9 Force majeure is understood to mean any circumstance on which Minded Motion has no influence, nor can reasonably have any influence and which makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult to provide the services. Force majeure includes in particular, but not limited to, war, danger of war, riots, code red, flood, strike, business disruptions. Force majeure can also include advice from the RIVM and other government advice.

4.10 There can be no reduction in membership fees in case of force majeure. If the period of force majeure lasts longer than two months, the Client is entitled to dissolve the agreement extrajudicially. When the agreement is dissolved, Minded Motion will stop the collection costs. Minded Motion will do everything in its power to organize replacement lessons if this is possible.

Article 5 Liability and indemnity

5.1 Minded Motion is not liable for loss, embezzlement, theft, damage, either directly or indirectly, or from or to the participants' goods.

5.2 It is safer if the participants do not wear jewelry / watches during the lessons. Minded Motion is not liable for the loss of clothing, jewelry and the like, nor for the resulting damage.

5.3 Intentional damage caused by participants will be recovered from the Client of the relevant Participant.

5.4 The legal representative of the Participant is responsible that the Participant is insured for material and immaterial damage or injury. Participants from abroad are also insured themselves for material and immaterial damage or injury.

5.5 Apart from the fact that our teachers deal professionally, responsibly and thoughtfully with the risks that free-running entails, it remains entirely at your own risk to participate in the lessons, training and / or other activities. Minded Motion is not liable for injuries or other damage that the participant incurs during or as a result of a training.

5.6 The participants are at all times obliged to follow the safety regulations set by Minded Motion.

5.7 If you question the safety in our lessons, we think it is extremely necessary that you first contact us via the complaints procedure and then contact us by telephone. The complaints procedure and the contact details of Minded Motion can be found at

5.8 We find it extremely important that the Client sees our working method. For this reason, we make it mandatory that the Client attends at least one training before registration. When (digitally) signing the registration form, the Client confirms that the freerunning lessons are offered in a safe and responsible manner. The client agrees that the lessons are taught by Minded Motion trainers.

5.9 If you have any doubts about the quality and safety with regard to the training courses, teachers or activities, we strongly recommend that you visit one or more training courses in the meantime. Visiting a training in the meantime is considered a complaint and the trainer will contact you for this training in order to discuss the matter (with the exception of the viewing lesson on the 1st training of the month).

5.10 The Client confirms that the Participant in the training is in good physical condition and that he / she has no medical indications or medications that could limit or prevent participation in the training and / or other activities of Minded Motion.

5.11 The Client is itself responsible for informing Minded Motion with regard to medical indications or medication.

5.12 If Minded Motion should be addressed by third parties, the Client is obliged to assist Minded Motion, both extrajudicially and in law, and to immediately do everything that may be expected of him in that case.

5.13 Should the Client fail to take adequate measures, Minded Motion is entitled to do so itself without notice of default. All costs and damage on the part of Minded Motion and third parties that arise as a result are entirely at the expense and risk of the Client.

Article 6: Applicable law and disputes

6.1 All legal relationships to which Minded Motion is a party are exclusively governed by Dutch law, even if an obligation is fully or partially implemented abroad or if the party involved in the legal relationship is domiciled there.

6.2 Clients will only appeal to the courts after they have made every effort to settle a dispute in mutual consultation.

6.3 Minded Motion is entitled to unilaterally amend these General Terms and Conditions. In that case, the Contractor will inform the Client of the changes in good time. There will be at least one month between this notification and the entry into force of the amended terms and conditions.

February 2020

We were closed December 16, where by the free-running lessons have ended 1 week earlier than the usual schedule. January 4 to March 3 we have been closed. There was a holiday in between. Below the line there are skipped 8 lessons. We are committed to compensation for the freerunning lessons, because otherwise we would have unfortunately already had to close our company


- For the first 5 lessons, all members receive a Minded Motion Backpack worth 29.95 euros
- For the other 3 lessons we have introduced an online Unlocking Platform. Here children can unlock tricks and score points. We provide feedback and the freerunners can take online courses
- One lesson will be made up during the May holiday, we will continue with the lesson program in this holiday
- During the entire lockdown, 3 online classes have been posted online for our members every week to keep the freerunners moving
- The members were given the opportunity to request the freeze in advance for the month of February

As a company we have focused on compensation. For example, the children receive a cool Minded Motion backpack, we developed a platform and our trainers were ready to give online lessons, including feedback. Together with our employees we have been able to realize this, unfortunately the costs continue to run. This brings that there is no financial room to give lessons during the summer holidays. We need to be careful at the moment, because we would like to continue teaching children in the future.

The communication for freezing the subscription went by e-mail, sportbit app and website. For those who have not applied for a freeze, we have focused on compensation. They receive a Minded Motion backpack and can use all other compensations that we use. It is not possible to apply for a freeze afterwards, because otherwise we will run into financial problems as a company. We hope you understand this situation. Let's stick to the positive developments together.

It is not possible to make up for a missed lesson at another time. When registering as a member at Minded Motion, we reserve one place in one fixed Minded Motion lesson. If you cannot come to class due to circumstances, you will not be able to participate in the Minded Motion classes that week.

It is not possible to catch up with the lessons because we lose the overview of the lessons. Think of: Too many children in one lesson, it is not clear whether the participants are members of Minded Motion at all and the trainer does not know the children and their level. This puts the safety of the lessons at risk which we want to avoid.

We leave found objects at the found objects or at the central location of the sports facility. We usually do not take any found items home as our car is completely full within a week.

Have you lost something? Have a look at the sports facility or contact them. If a school makes frequent use of the gym, you can also contact the school. They often take the things with them because they think it belongs to a student from the school.

The trainer wants me to train at a different time (or day):
If the trainer has asked you if you can train at a different time or day and you want this, you can come to this lesson the next lesson. Usually the trainer asks to train at a different hour because he thinks that the other group is better suited to your level. The trainer will ensure that you are assigned to the new lesson within our administration system Sportbit. 
Does the time not suit your agenda?
Then just come to the class where you usually train and talk to the trainer. Changing groups is always in consultation. If you cannot make it to the new time, you can of course continue to train with us.
Do you have any questions?
Then just come to class where you usually train and have contact with the trainer before / after class (together with your parents). He can give you more information about the group change.

I would like to train in a different group on the same day:

If you would like to train at a different time on the same day, it is best to contact the trainer after the lesson. The trainer has the best overview of the lessons and knows your level. This allows him to make a well-considered decision whether there is room in the group you have indicated and / or whether it matches your level.

I would like to train on a different day or location:

If you would like to train on a different day and / or location, it is best to contact your trainer or send an email to with your preference of location, day and preferred lesson time. Note that it is not always possible to switch to the class you have requested, as it may be full or the level and / or age does not match.

It is not possible to just take someone to class for a trial lesson. We need the standard data and an emergency number in case of an emergency. It is therefore always necessary to request and schedule a trial lesson on the website, even if someone comes to participate once.

Are you unable to schedule the trial lesson for the relevant lesson time? Schedule the lesson at an earlier time of the day and ask by email ( if the trial lesson can be moved so that we can adjust it manually. Indicate which lesson you would like to schedule the trial lesson. Keep in mind that this could put you in an advanced lesson.

Pay in cash
It is possible to pay for the annual subscription in cash. Please note: with a cash payment, the subscription is automatically terminated after one year. Hand in a closed envelope with €284,- euro to the next training. We would like to receive the following information with this envelope:

Last name:
Date of birth:
Subscription entry:
Day / location and time of training:
E-mail address:
Emergency number:
Address data:
Signature (Agree to the general terms and conditions)

We would like to receive an e-mail that the envelope has been delivered to the trainer.

We think it is important that children are not tied to a sport that they may no longer like. We do not use long contracts and with us the subscription can be canceled with 1 calendar month. 1 calendar month means that the next month still has to be paid in full. Example:

'Suppose you submit the deregistration on April 10. The membership fee is collected the first of the month in question. You still have to pay the next month of May. The subscription will then be canceled on 1 June. You will only receive a direct debit for the month of May '.

You can only cancel your subscription yourself via our SportBit App or the member portal via the website:

You can unsubscribe via the app or member portal under the heading 'Membership' - 'Subscription' - 'Cancel'. We use 1 calendar month cancellation period and the account will then be deleted. Until then, you can of course continue to train with us.

Did you just miss the ticket sale, or just too late? Mail to to get on the waiting list. We would prefer to give everyone a place for the Minded Motion camp. Unfortunately, we are tied to a limited number of places to ensure safety.

By registering for the waiting list, we will gain a better insight into the enthusiasm for the camp. For example, we may be able to organize more camps in the future, so that everyone who would like to participate has a place.

Membership is €264 per year. Pay attention! The contribution at Minded Motion is an annual amount that is collected over 12 months/instalments. Please note that debits are also made during holidays, while there are no lessons.

As of September 1, 2020, the monthly contribution has decreased, but we collect through the holiday periods to reach the €264 per year. Reasons for this are the ongoing subscriptions that we cannot temporarily stop for a period in the SportBit member system. This was a very time-consuming task every year, because each subscription had to be temporarily stopped and activated separately. The subscription cannot be temporarily paused during holiday periods. Of course, you retain the right to cancel the subscription with 1 calendar month.

The Dutch holidays and public holidays are used in the schedule.

Freerun is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular among the youth. It is a sport that encourages young people to exercise again. This is an important fact, as the motor skills of young people have deteriorated sharply in recent years. Freerunning can be risky if you don't know how to practice it safely. Our job is to teach as many freerunners as possible to freerun safely!

Our trainers are trained in assistance with freerunning tricks. They have a current first aid certificate and teach freerunners fall techniques. Learning these techniques serves to prevent injuries and helps to gain air-awareness.
In addition, we give the children rules of thumb, so that they become more aware when making tricks.

In addition, we give the freerunners rules of thumb. We also advise the home front to remind the children of this. It concerns the following rules of thumb:

1. Check your surroundings!
2. Can i, will i and dare i? Is one of the answers no? Then you can't do the trick
3. Preparation. mental and physical preparation is necessary before attempting the trick.

It is usually not possible to receive a refund for event tickets. The tickets purchased are personal and cannot be exchanged. It is only possible to deviate from the above rule in special circumstances. If this applies to you, please contact us.

Still no answer to your question?

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or mail.

Monday till friday +31(0)77 208 6212
Answer within a working day