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Freerunning Gym Venlo

We take every precaution to ensure our freerun halls are as safe as possible. We have areas with soft foam for safe and cushioned landings, but also provide hard surfaces to learn how to land properly. Freerunning is a sport often practiced outdoors, so we encourage assessing one's own risks, enabling freerunners to know how to safely engage in the sport independently. Our parks are designed to safely practice the sport of freerunning, but like any sport, there are risks involved.

Absolutely! Minded Motion is open to everyone from the age of 6, and we strongly recommend all freerunners to take lessons to learn how to freerun safely. Visit our lessons page for more information.

We advise taking lessons with us to learn how to freerun safely, but it's not mandatory. If you're an experienced freerunner or jumper, you're welcome in our freerun hall. Our freerun hall is not open to children without experience. Don't have experience? Start with a trial lesson!

No, there's no maximum age limit. As long as you're in good physical condition and don't have any physical discomforts that hinder freerunning, you're welcome. However, we recommend taking lessons in our 30+ classes to learn freerunning safely.

If parents/guardians don't participate in jumping, they don't need to pay entrance. They are welcome in our canteen, where they can enjoy food and drinks while having a view of the freerun hall.

Wear comfortable sportswear that allows you to move freely and without buttons, or sharp parts. Think of a sport outfit, jogging pants, and T-shirt. Check out our Minded Motion clothing line in our webshop.

No, not at any time. Open gym starts in time slots. Scroll up to see the opening hours. You can also reserve multiple sessions in a row.

During open gym sessions, bringing your own food & drink is not allowed. You can order snacks or drinks in our canteen.

Absolutely! It'll be an unforgettable children's party. We offer various packages. Visit our page for children's parties for more information. Please note: The children's party is a sports lesson with guidance and not a play party!

Upon entering the freerun hall and engaging in freerunning, tricking, or other sports, the visitor waives Minded Motion of any liability for potential damage that may occur due to the use of the provided services and obstacles, except in cases of intent or conscious recklessness by Minded Motion.

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