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These are 8 fun sports for children and young people!
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These are 8 fun sports for children and young people!

Exercise is an important part of human health. Sport has a positive influence on your body and mind. Sport is especially important for children and young people. Then it is nice if you practice a sport that gives you energy. With these 8 fun sports you will not want to stop!

Urban Sports

Urban Sports are still very new but very popular among young people. Think of sports such as: freerunning, skateboarding, BMX, skating, scootering, and so on. What all these sports have in common is that there are relatively few rules and creativity is central. This makes it interesting for children and young people. You can do what you want and let your creativity run wild. In addition, Urban Sports often have a close-knit community. There is no competitive mentality, but one where they want to help each other to get better. In this list of 8 fun sports, a number of these Urban Sports will certainly pass by.

free running

It won't surprise you, but in our opinion this is the best sport there is. In freerunning, your own body is the instrument you use. You do this by doing cool tricks, flips and jumps. You continuously push your limits and learn to control your body so that you can make increasingly difficult movements.

Read all about the sport of freerunning here: are-freerunning-lessons-important

chase tag

The second in the list of fun sports is Chase Tag. A sport that is still in its infancy and which is not yet known to the general public. Chase Tag is a kind of tag, but on a course with obstacles. The sport is practiced with two people, one trying to tap the other. Your Parkour skills will come in handy here. That is why we also do a Chase Tag during the lessons.


The next sport is based a little less on speed but on power. Bouldering is a bit like wall climbing, but then you do it without a fuse. The wall is 'only' four meters high and there are fall mats on the floor. There are all kinds of routes with different levels of difficulty. Again this sport is very good to get to know your body better. There are a lot of challenges and you can puzzle for hours to achieve a route.

Urban trampoline jumping

Trampoline jumping is a well-known phenomenon. Many families have a trampoline in their backyard. Trampoline jumping has also been an Olympic sport for a number of years that falls under the Dutch gymnastics association. Urban trampoline jumping, on the other hand, is still a fairly new sport, but already very popular. The difference between the two sports is that with Urban trampoline jumping you are completely free to do what you want and your toes do not have to be stretched out, unlike the Olympic variant. Flips, twists and tricks, it's all part of it. With the advent of trampoline parks, the sport has become one of the most popular sports among young people. We would like to give you the tip to first take lessons in freerunning or trampoline jumping to ensure good body control and the so-called 'airawareness'. Due to the suspension of trampolines you get very high and this can entail risks.


Breakdancing is an Urban sport that is more well known among the general public. The dance style is part of hip-hop and is often featured in movies or commercials. Common moves are freezes, footworks, spins and flips. If you have mastered the basic moves, you can participate in a dance battle where you can freestyle.


Calisthenics has become extremely popular in the Netherlands in recent years. Nowadays you will find a calisthenics park in almost every sports park. In such a park you will mainly find bars that you can pull yourself up on and do all kinds of other pushing, bending, jumping and swinging exercises. You train yourself using your own body weight. The aim of the sport is to increase your muscle strength, muscle mass, mobility/flexibility and endurance.


Tricking stems from martial arts such as Taekwondo, Kung Fu and acrobatics. Movements that belong to tricking are mainly kicking techniques, somersaults and twists. With these different moves you can make an infinite number of combos. This produces spectacular images. The sport mainly takes place on a tumbling track, a resilient floor. The complex movements require a lot of strength and flexibility.

Cliff Diving

The last in the list of 8 fun sports is Cliff diving. In this sport you jump off the highest rock cliff with a triple somersault and then land straight into the water. Actually, cliffdiving is originally the same as diving, but with an Urban twist to it. In this sport it is very important that you have aerial awareness, this means that you have good control of your body when flying through the air, so that you dive straight back into the water.

8 Fun Sports

Did you notice anything about the 8 sports that we have mentioned in this list? Right! They all have something in common with freerunning in their own way. Many of these sports can improve or expand your freerun skills. At freerunning you see

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