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You can only unsubscribe via the Sport Bit app or via the member portal on our website. We are convinced that it is good for children to join a club for a longer period of time. In this way, the children learn to persevere, get to a higher level and make many new friends. However, it may be that your son or daughter may not like it enough or would like to practice another sport. With us, the subscriptions can therefore be canceled monthly.

In connection with Corona virus, we from the RIVM and the security region must apply a number of guidelines.

- Come to class dressed with the exception of the gym shoes, bring these separately.
- Parents may temporarily not be present at the lessons.
- Stay at home with (mild) complaints, even if someone within the family situation has complaints.

You can contact the trainer of the lesson with complaints. If you are unable to find a solution with this trainer, you can use the complaints procedure that can be found on the website.

The first lesson of the month we have viewing lesson, everyone can come and watch the lessons. Keep in mind that you do not disturb the lesson by, for example, walking in / out halfway through, by having an explanation, a talk or sound on the telephone or game computer.

We make an exception for trial lessons, because we want to show parents of new free runners what we do in the lessons so that they know where they are taking their child. Trial lessons have 1 trial lesson and the parents of the participant can view a lesson.

You can make changes in the member portal or the Sportbit App. The data can be viewed under the heading 'My account'. If it does not work, it is always possible to contact us via

Minded Motion's lessons (usually) coincide with the school holidays and public holidays in the South of the Netherlands. Classes are canceled during holidays or on public holidays. This information can be found in the Sport Bit app under the heading Schedule.

The contribution to Minded Motion is an annual amount that will be collected over 12 months. Keep in mind that money is also collected during holidays. However, it is possible to cancel the subscription in the meantime with one month's notice period.

Membership is € 264 per year. This amount is collected in 12 installments of € 22. The amount is collected monthly from the specified bank account number by means of a direct debit. One-off registration fee of € 19.95 will be collected with the first debit. the subscription can be canceled prematurely with a notice period of 1 month.

Information about Minded Motion events is shared via our Facebook page or our website. Check our page for the event currently on our schedule!

Please note that we have a strict collection policy to keep our administration in order. We make an advance payment for the lessons that take place in the relevant month. As soon as the payment cannot be made, the participants are not on the list of participants and cannot participate. However, it does not mean that the subscription will be terminated. If necessary, you can only unsubscribe in our member portal or via the Sportbit App.

It may happen that the payment is not successful for certain reasons. We then request the amount by return o.v.v. transfer your son / daughters name to our account: NL78RABO0301281718 attn. Minded Motion.

Can't you? You don't have to sign out for the freerunning class. The trainers write down at the beginning of the lesson who is or is not there, after which the lesson will start. It is not possible to keep a watchful eye on participants who are not there and have forgotten to unsubscribe. It would otherwise mean that we are more on the phone than teaching.

So the trainer will sign you out and we would like to see the participant again a week later :)

Nice that you want to freerun more often during the week! First consult with your training and discuss which location, day and time you would like to take extra free running lessons. You can then take a trial lesson to see if you like it! Did you like it? Send an email with the following information to

First and last name:
Day, time and location of your training:
Day, time and location of your 2nd workout:
(If necessary) Day, time and location of your 3rd training:

We will get to work and ensure that your subscription is adjusted. You will receive a confirmation of this within 5 (working) days.

Minded Motion and Stichting Leergeld or Jeugdsportfonds helps!

The Sport & Culture Youth Fund pays the contribution and / or supplies for children and young people from families with too little money at home. This means that if the Youth Fund Sports & Culture allocates you the usual amount of € 225, you do not have to pay anything yourself to be able to take freerun lessons. We will take care of the rest of the contribution amount.

You do not have to sign up for the freerunning lessons. We automatically schedule you weekly for the class where you usually train. It may take a number of (working) days before your name becomes visible in the timetable in the SportBit App or member portal. Are you not in it? Let the trainer know and he will check where things go wrong. .

Consumer will have the right to dissolve the distance Agreement with Minded Motion within 14 days after receiving the product, free of charge and without stating reasons. During the withdrawal period referred to in paragraph 1, Consumer will treat the product and its packaging with the utmost care. Consumer may not open the packaging or use the product unless this is necessary in order to determine the nature of the products, their features and their operation. Any amounts already paid by Consumer (in advance) will be refunded to Consumer as soon as possible, and in any case within 14 days after dissolution of the Agreement.

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