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This is how you can learn new freerunning tricks!
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This is how you can learn new freerunning tricks!

Within the sport freerunning there are an infinite number of different tricks. The more tricks you can do, the more original you can make your runs. So the goal is to learn as many new tricks as possible. We'll explain how to do that!

Minded Motion freerunning lesson

The easiest way to learn new freerunning tricks is to take lessons. Here you will learn everything about freerunning, the mindset, the basic techniques and much more. Everyone is welcome, beginners as well as advanced. You will be introduced to new tricks and get the chance to practice them. The trainers are there to help you and to give you tips.

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Watch Tutorials

Are you not exhausted after the lessons? Then you can also get started at home. The internet is full of tutorials on how to practice the coolest flips step by step. 

Analyze videos

When you get started with tutorials at home, it works very well to film your own tricks. This way you can see if your new freerunning trick looks the same as in the video. In addition, with today's technology you can also play your video in slow motion. This way you can see exactly what you are doing and what you can possibly improve. 

Spotting freerunning tricks

When new freerunning tricks are still exciting you can always ask someone to catch you. In freerun parlance we call this "spotting". A spotter can sometimes take away the last bit of fear that makes you dare to try a new trick. Of course, for safety it is never superfluous to have someone with you who can help you when you try a new trick. Do you have a bad feeling about it? Then don't try it. Wait until you are in a different environment with people who can spot you. Safety first.

Spotting is not something you just do. To guarantee safety, your spotter must know how to catch you if necessary. Read here how you can spot someone well.

Training with others

Another good tip is to train a lot with other freerunners. Every athlete has his own style and knows different tricks. Freerunners often each have their own way of learning new freerunning tricks. By training with many different people you can get many tips from all kinds of perspectives. This is how you find out what works well for you. 

Build up new freerunning tricks slowly

Last but not least. The most important thing when learning new tricks is that you build them up slowly. You can do this by trying the trick the first time on a soft surface, for example a foam pit or airbag. Due to the soft landing, the chance of getting hurt when it doesn't work out well is much smaller. If you have access to a foam pit it is useful to start here. You can find these a lot in trampoline parks or freerunning gyms these days. An alternative is a trampoline. Master the technique of the new trick on the trampoline before trying it elsewhere. The next step is to try the trick on or to (soft) mat. If this is also successful, you can make it more and more difficult for yourself by trying it on an increasingly harder surface. Try the new freerunning trick on sand, grass and finally stone. If you succeeded, you have completely mastered the trick!

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