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Freerunnen in de lockdown doe je met de Unlocking App!
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Freerunnen in de lockdown doe je met de Unlocking App!

You probably notice that the Netherlands is in a lockdown again. The freerunning classes can temporarily not continue. We are all very sorry about this. But, of course, we're not going to give in. That is why we have developed the Unlocking App for you. With this you can keep practicing and move during the lockdown!

The Unlocking App

We have specially designed this platform for all freerunners. This way you can continue to freerun during the lockdown. Through this app you can take online classes, take on fun challenges and find spots near you. You can also post videos of your successful tricks, on which our trainers can then give you personal tips. So take a look and get out there!

Check out the video below for more info

Watch freerun tutorials on Youtube

In addition to the unlocking app, there are even more ways to keep practicing despite the lockdown. You can also look up so-called tutorials on the internet. These are videos where a certain freerun move is explained step by step, so that you can get started with it yourself. Minded Motion also has almost 100! freerunning tutorials are ready in the unlocking app. Have you not jumped out with this yet? Then you can find countless more on Youtube.

Look for spots near you!

An important factor if you want to continue freerunning during the lockdown is the location where you will do this. In your area there are probably a lot of places where you can freerun well. We call these places 'spots'. A spot can consist of all kinds of street furniture. Obstacles that you often encounter at spots are walls, posts, bars, curbs, benches, lampposts, stairs, and so on. Here you can jump, swing, push off, land, jump over, stick and much more. The more obstacles, the more possibilities there are. So feel free to look for good spots in your area.

If you can't find anything after a long search, the Unlocking app will help you out. In the 'spots map' you will find the best spots rated by professional freerunners.

freerunning at home

If the weather is against you, which is quite likely during the Dutch winter, it might be a solution to get started at home. Be creative and build your own spot at home. You can use furniture or other obstacles that you have in your house. Please discuss this with your parents first. For example, practice a parkour roll on the bench or do a box jump on a chair. Think of challenges for yourself that you can try at home.

Practicing somersaults in the lockdown

Would you also like to keep practicing somersaults during the lockdown? Then you may want to ask your parents to help you with this. Make sure you start on a soft surface, for example on a lawn or indoors on a soft mattress. If you've never done a somersault before, it might be better to wait for the Minded Motion freerun classes to start again. If you already know a little about how it works, you can ask your parents to stand by and catch you if necessary.

Let your parents help you catch

But how do you catch in a somersault the right way? It is always nice if you can catch with two people. Would you like help with the somersault? We explain how parents can help. Grab the freerunner by the back or shirt with one hand. Place your other hand at the hollows of the knees. Count down from three to one. With one hand you hold the back up so that he / she does not fall down. With the other hand you can throw the freerunner under his knees if he/she doesn't have enough rotation. Make sure you are careful at all times, if in doubt wait for the Minded Motion classes. Better safe than sorry!

Freerunning in the lockdown

Hopefully with all these tips you will get through the lockdown fit. Be sure to take a look at the Unlocking app for more tips, challenges and ideas. This way you will soon come out of the lockdown as a real pro freerunner. We can't wait to welcome you again to the Minded Motion freerun classes. But for now, have fun training!

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