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You can cancel your memberschip by sending an email to Please tell us the full name, first monthand year of payment and reason of cancelliation.The membership is an annual subscription, however it can be canceled after 5 paying months. If you unsubscribe prematurely, you still owe Minded Motion the payments untill you have payed 5 months of memberschip. After 5 paying months, the cancellation period is 1 month.

Minded Motion is going to be closed like all sport facilities in The Netherlands until the 6th of April on behalf of the Goverment. We hope to resume our lessons afther the 6th of april when the situation has been improves. Please check our facebook page for the latest news.

Given the force majeure of this situation, we are not able to freeze our membership payments. We hope you will have faith in Minded Motion. We are looking for a fitting solution for our members.

You can contact the trainer of the lesson with complaints. If you are unable to find a solution with this trainer, you can use the complaints procedure that can be found on the website.

The first lesson of the month that continues, we have viewing lesson, then everyone can come and watch the lessons. Keep in mind that you do not disturb the lesson by, for example: walking in / out of the gym, having the sound on the phone or game console of make noise during an explanation of our trainers.

We make an exception for trial lessons, because we want to show parents of new freerunners (2 trial lessons) what we do in the lessons so that they also know where they are taking their child.

We would like to request you to report changes in, for example, personal data as soon as possible. This can be done by sending an email with the full name and new details to:

No need to let us know. Unfortunately, not everyone does this so it has no added value. In addition, it is not possible for the trainer to call everyone who is not there, that would take too much time.

Please note that you cannot catch up on these (not taken) lessons or apply for a refund.

The lessons of Minded Motion run the same as the school holidays of the (south) Netherlands. This means that the lessons do not take place during holidays. Do you want a clear overview? Please check our "Jaarrooster" for the relevant dates.

Membership is € 240 per year, which is paid in 10 installments of € 24. This amount is collected monthly, with the exception of July and August, from the specified bank account number by direct debit. In addition, there is a one-off registration fee of € 15, which is collected at the first debit.

Information about Minded Motion events are shared via our facebook page or our website. So keep an eye on this regularly. In addition, we will name any planned events when a newsletter is sent. Usually the newsletter is sent 2-4 times a year. 

Keep in mind that our events often sell out quickly, if you want to join, we recommend to be quick.

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