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Freerunning in Valkenburg

Every saturday
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Do you like challenge and do you also want to learn cool tricks? Then freerunning is the sport for you! Freerunning is a sport where you move as smoothly and creatively as possible over and against obstacles. With freerunning it is the art to get your whole body and mind under control. The lessons are offered in a challenging environment in a safe environment in Valkenburg

Yearly camp

Yearly camp

We organise a camp every year for our members. A weekend full of freerunning and joy.

Minded Motion Games

Secure surrounding

Our trainers are trained in assistance with freerunning tricks. They have a current first aid diploma and teach freerunners fall techniques. Learning these techniques serves to prevent injuries and helps to obtain air awareness.

Freerunning in Valkenburg

Minded Motion sees the world as a big playground. We want to share this playground. We do this by freerunning weekly with 1200 children through Limburg and Brabant. Sign up for freerunning classes in Valkenburg and learn a backflip, front flip or other cool jumps in a safe and challenging environment by professional freerunners!

The class starts with a warm-up. Then you practice tricks and flips in an organized, safe environment and you receive guidance from our experienced and qualified freerunning teacher Funs Peters.

Would you like to learn free running? Sign up for 2 free trial lessons. You can plan your first trial lesson yourself. After the first trial lesson you will receive a ticket in class, with which you can come again!

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TEMPORARILY CANCELED! Unfortunately, we currently have no trainer available. We are constantly looking to restart freerunning in Venray as soon as possible. Maastricht or Heerlen may be an option temporarily.


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Do you also want to do the best flips? Then take a free trial lesson now!

Weekly lessons

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