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Zomervakantie 2024

06 Jul, '24

Check alle informatie rond de zomervakantie bij Minded Motion.

What a fantastic season we’ve had with all the freerunners! We are now in the last week, and the final lessons will take place on Friday, July 5th. From Saturday, July 6th until Sunday, August 18th, our trainers will be enjoying their well-deserved summer vacation!

We want to thank all the parents, guardians, and freerunners for their trust. On behalf of the entire Minded Motion team, we wish you a wonderful holiday! Of course, we won’t be sitting still during the vacation.

Trial Lesson Planner
Would you like to schedule a trial lesson for your son or daughter after the vacation? You are, of course, welcome to one free trial lesson at one of our locations. You can schedule your trial lesson 3 weeks in advance via the trial lesson planner, so we recommend planning a trial lesson during the last week of the summer vacation on a day and time of your choice.

Can’t get enough of freerunning and want to join a super cool 4-day freerunning camp with Minded Motion? Then join us for Summercamp from August 13th to 16th. You can find all the information and tickets via the following link: Sign up for Summercamp.

Membership Fees During the Holidays
The membership costs €299.40 per year. The contribution is collected in 12 installments (monthly). Please note that fees are also collected during vacation periods. Since September 1, 2020, the contribution has been reduced monthly, but we still collect during vacation periods to reach the annual amount of €299.40. The reason for this is that we cannot temporarily suspend ongoing subscriptions in the SportBit member system. It used to be a very time-consuming task to temporarily stop and reactivate each subscription. The subscription cannot be temporarily paused during vacation periods. Of course, members retain the right to cancel the subscription with one calendar month's notice. More information about the contribution policy can be found in the FAQ.

Freerunning Gym Venlo
FIN-AL-LY! We have great news to share with you! Starting from August 19, 2024, all our freerunning lessons in Venlo and Blerick will move to our brand new freerunning hall at Kazernekwartier. More information will be sent to members in Venlo/Blerick by email.

What Level Will You Reach During the Vacation?
We challenge the freerunners to go outside and perform the coolest tricks on the beach, at home, or on your vacation in the country or abroad! Go to the Level Up! and upload the tricks you've landed! Our trainers will unlock your tricks within 5 working days. Collect as many tricks as possible and pick up your free earned Level Bracelet from the trainer after the vacation. Additionally, you can take courses and help each other get even better at freerunning! Challenge yourself and each other, enjoy the vacation, and see you on August 19, 2024!