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Covid19 - CoronaVirus

02 Mar, '21

We would like to give additional information and guidelines about the freerunning lessons outside

RIVM Guidelines

During the lessons, we naturally adhere to the prescribed measures and guidelines, we also ask the freerunners and parents to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Change your clothes at home & check the weather. Bring a vest and long trousers when it is cold.
  • Bring your own filled drinking bottle
  • Wash your hands before / after training
  • No toilet available, so go to the toilet at home
  • Do not arrive at the sports location earlier than 5 minutes in advance
  • Come / go to the training alone (without parents) if possible. Will you be brought / picked up by car? Then the parents stay in the car and make sure that this moment lasts as short as possible. If possible, a “Kiss & Ride” will be organized
  • No physical contact (12+ years keep 1.5 meters from trainers)
  • No parents present during training (temporarily no viewing lessons)
  • Follow instructions from trainers at all times
  • In case of complaints such as fever, cough or cold, it still applies to children: stay at home. Even if these complaints occur in family members
  • There is no physical contact during the free-running lessons (shaking hands, high fives, yelling, sliding, etc.)
  • Are you 18 years or older? Please contact Minded Motion for your options to train.

What do we take care of?

  • Regular disinfection of obstacles / materials.
  • In case of illness or symptoms, the lesson will be given by another trainer.
  • Trainers wash their hands regularly.
  • Trainers keep 1.5 meters away.
  • Clear explanation and compliance with the rules.
  • Organized and challenging lessons from Minded Motion!

The schedule of the outdoor program can be found in the previous blog. The lessons also continue when it rains. We pay attention to safety and when it rains we get started with freerunning games to keep the kids moving. Lessons are canceled in extreme weather. We will let you know by e-mail and / or Facebook.

We are already starting our warm-up :) See you soon!