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Covid19 - CoronaVirus

13 Jan, '21

Unfortunately! We too must close our doors. The cabinet has announced that we are going into Lockdown.

The cabinet has announced that we will be in lockdown until February 10. Unfortunately, our lessons cannot take place yet. It was a challenge in the spring, but with our Minded Motion team we managed to catch up with almost all lessons at other times. The winter time makes this a lot more difficult at the moment. We are now looking at a different form of compensation, with which we can also make the freerunners very happy!


We think it is important that the children keep moving. Weekly lessons are posted on our YouTube channel, so that the children can get started. In addition, all members receive a beautiful Minded Motion backpack with a new exclusive design! We will also give extra lessons during the carnival holiday!

Here is the lesson material of this week for the free runners:



Together with the Minded Motion team, we try to do everything we can to give the best possible interpretation to the compensation. We would like to add that there are also positive developments within our Minded Motion Community. Hopefully we can provide more information about these developments soon!


We understand that there are still questions and we make every effort to provide timely and complete information. We will keep you informed of all the information we can provide via sportbit, e-mail and social media. Questions that are important quickly can be asked by telephone. We hope you have confidence in us that we as an organization will do everything we can to investigate all options, even if the lockdown takes longer.

We would like to ask you not to simply reverse direct debits without contacting us. By canceling we get an administrative problem and on top of that we as an organization can get into financial problems! Once again we really hope to understand this situation. Let's stick together to the positive development that we continue to work for every day!

We are in any case ready to receive the freerunners on February 10th and to hand over the exclusive Minded Motion backpack!

Keep moving, stay healthy!