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Blijven bewegen

10 Jan, '21

In this blog we explain to you in 4 steps how to stay healthy and get better at freerunning during the lockdown!

The corona virus make it challenging to keep exercising. You cannot go to school or the sports club. We think it is very important to keep moving and we would like to help you with this! In this blog we explain in 4 steps how you can stay healthy and get better at freerunning during the lockdown!

1. Freerunning is possible ANYWHERE and always!

You can freerun anywhere! All you need are shoes, sportswear and creativity! You can quickly take the clothes and shoes out of your closet and then we will help you with creativity. Just take the concept creativity: "Talent to invent new things, to be creative". In other words: you will come up with new movements at nice spots in your area!

You don't have to come up with these movements yourself. You can copy your inspiration from others. We also watch tens of hours of freerunning videos on YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok. We also see other athletes and try to get inspiration from them. Research what you think cool tricks and movements are and get started with them. The most important thing: give it your own twist! Try other combinations and look for spots, also called spots, and get started with the tricks there. Of course start easy and challenge yourself by making it more and more difficult! 

Not to forget: Keep it safe!

2. Safety!

We see it more often on the internet; Big jumps with almost impossible spins! Jump from roof to roof and risky jumps are attempted. Is this freerunning? NO.

It would be a shame! You try a spectacular trick and you fall. You can't Freerun for weeks or even years because you fell hard. Freerunning is done safely on low walls, building up slightly larger jumps and movements. First, check your surroundings and make sure the obstacles are not wet or slippery. See if you can land safely there and then get started with the tricks. Start with easy tricks and with every trick ask yourself the question: Can I do it? Do I want it? Do I dare?

Are the answers to these questions YES! Then you can try the trick.

3. Course

Tricks are fun, but the challenge is to combine different tricks together and move from one place to another in a smooth and challenging way. Try to imagine your run and prepare it well! It's okay if it doesn't work right away! You have to practice the course and with good perseverance we are sure that you will (eventually) succeed!

There are many other tips and tricks, but for now we will leave it at these 3! Get started with it and let us know on social media if it works! Are you struggling? Then watch our YouTube videos. Oh yeah! Don't forget to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly.

Good luck!